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We’re a member-owned not-for-profit financial organization that exists to help you achieve financial success.

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We’re a member-owned not-for-profit financial organization that exists to help you achieve financial success.

We will be closed on Wednesday June 19th for Juneteenth.

We’re here to deliver a better banking experience

We’re here to deliver a better banking experience

As a member-owned financial organization, our mission is to deliver better service and returns for our members, which means lower interest rates on loans and higher returns on savings.

  • Checking and savings accounts with no fees
  • Low rates on new and used cars and other vehicles
  • Competitive rates on saving accounts
  • Discounts on Sprint Wireless


Eligible Companies

Membership is open to employees, their immediate family members and retirees of the following companies. If your company is not listed, request to have it added & approved.

2G Digital Post

3rd Street Sound

Abel Cine Tech Inc.

Absolute Post Inc.



Advanced Digital Services, Inc.


Agency West Entertainment (AWE)

Alan Gordon Enterprises, Inc.

All Post, Inc. (formerly AME, Inc.)

American Academy of Dramatic Arts

American Society of Cinematographers

American Softserve Systems, Inc.

Anchor Editorial (formerly Wystrach, Inc.)

Anderson Film Industries, Inc., dba Anderson Video, (formerly Grace & Wild Studios)


Ashfield Color Lab

Aspect Ratio

Asylum Visual Effects

Attire, Inc.

Audio Graphic

Autonomy, Inc.

Baer Animation Company

Beacon Communications


Birns & Sawyer, Inc.

Bittree Inc.

Brite Smile

BSI Beachwood Services, Inc.

California Communications Inc. (AKA CCI Digital)

Captions, Inc.

Ceg Rock Bottom LLC.

Chace Productions, Inc.

Chance Productions, Inc.

Chartwell Partnership Group

Chatsworth Data Corp.

CineCert, LLC

Cinema Group Home Video

Cinema Group Pictures

Cinema Research

Cinema Research Corp.

CineSite, Inc.


Circle Talent Associates

Classic Couriers, Inc.

Consolidated Film Industries

Craig Murray Productions

Cypress Films Inc.

D. Bassett & Associates

Da’Vinci Film Lab, Hollywood, CA

Danrich Video tape Productions

Dialogue Services, Inc.

Digital Media Interactive

Digital Post Services

Digital Video Stream Interactive (AKA DVS Intelestream)

DimePiece Productions

Dino De Laurentiis Communications

Directors Sound and Editorial Service

Discount Brokerage Services, Inc.

Dream Hollywood Hotel

Dubs, Inc.

E and C Auto Parts, Inc.

Echo Sound Services, Inc.

Electronic Theatre Controls, Inc.

Elite Model Management/John Casablancas, Inc.

Elle Chante

Embassy Communications

Employees and members of the Calvary Bible Church

Entertainment Industry Development Co.

Entertainment Partners


Falcon Cable TV

Fidelity Studios, Inc.

Filmation Studios

Filmbond Services, Inc.

Filmservice Laboratories, Inc.

Five Star Video, Inc.

Flipside Editorial

Four Media Company and its subsidiaries

Gipson, Hoffman & Pancione, Law Offices

Girl Group Company dba MADTV

GKM Enterprises, Inc. dba Hooper Camera and Video Stores

Golden Ear Studios

Gotham Group, Inc.

Gudvi, Chapnick & Oppenheim, Inc.

Hamburger Hamlet Restaurants Inc.

Handprint Entertainment


Hansen, Jacobson, Teller, Hoberman, Newman, Warren, Richman, Rush & Kaller L.L.P.

Health Club Panel Network

Hertz and Lichtenstein, LLP

Half Rich Productions

HFC Industries (formerly Hollywood Film Company)

Hoffman Travel Management Company

Hollywood Chamber of Commerce

House of Blues Entertainment, Inc.


iBlast Networks

IFILM Corporation

Instinct Magazine

INTERMARK/Triton or of its subsidiary, Consolidated Film Industries

International Cinematographers Guild, Local 600 IATSE

International Sound Technicians, Cinetechnicians and Television Engineers of the Motion Picture and Television Industries Local 695

Jack Nadel, Inc.

Jetty Studios, Inc.

John Roberts Powers

Kaleidoscope Films, Ltd.

KNK Productions, Inc


L.A. Digital Post

Land Title Insurance Co. Los Angeles

Laser-Pacific Media Corporation

Lawyers Title Company

Legends Barbershop

Leonard Hill Films

Lesher Entertainment Inc. dba Insight Entertainment

Live Nation Entertainment

Los Angeles Duplication and Broadcasting Inc.

Lumeni Productions

M & C Remco Tape Products Co.

Maker Studios, Inc.


MarketShare LLC.

Maselli Productions

Matrix Alliance, Inc.

MCEG Sterling, Inc.

MDP Worldwide

Mediatech, Inc.

Micro Electronic Services Corporation (MES)

Mike Post Productions


Mix Magic Sound & Video Services

MJJ Productions

Modern Video Film

Montage Group, Ltd.

Motion Picture Studio Projectionists and Video Projection Technicians, Local 165


Mulholland Security Centers, Inc.

Mx Editing

My Plane, Inc.

NBC Productions, Inc. (Brand New Life)

Ned-Pan, Inc. dba Broadway/L.A.

New Wave Productions

New World Entertainment

NoHo Enterprises

North Valley Jewish Community Center, Inc.

Optic Music, Inc. dba Film & Video Magazine

Orion Motor Lodge, dba Radisson Valley Center Hotel Los Angeles

Overseas Filmgroup (11-3-87)

Paradise Films, Inc.

Payments Plus Corporation


Peregrine Entertainment, Ltd.


Planet Blue

Ponytail Express

Power Pictures, LLC

Precision Repair Specialists Inc.

Prime Post

Producers Sales Organization (PSO)

Production Sound & Associates

PTM Productions, Inc.

Qualex, Inc.

Radio Vision International, Inc.

Radio-Phone Broadcasting Corporation

Raleigh Enterprises

Reel Media Insurance Services, LLC

Republic Corp. (Triton Group)

Rogers & Associates

Ruby Spears

Ryder Sound

SBL Corporation

Schneier Optics, Inc.

Segue Music, Inc.

Shelmac Corp.

Show Technologies, Inc.

Sichel Incorporated

Sight Effects, Insight Bics, & Digital Lab

Skye Partners

Skye Partners2, Inc.

Sound Satisfaction

Southland Title Corporation

Special Artists Agency, Inc.

Special Effects Unlimited, Inc.

Specialty Surgical Center

Spelling Television

Starcom Mediatech, Inc., a subsidiary of DG Systems


Stephen Cannell Productions

Stipko Media

Stu Segall Productions

Sy Fisher

Taft Entertainment

Technicolor Distribution Company, a division of Technicolor Videocassette of Michigan, Inc.

Technicolor East Coast, Inc. (Worldwide Film Group)

Technicolor Entertainment Services

Technicolor Videocassette of Michigan, Inc. (Worldwide Video Group) (Technicolor Video Services)

Technicolor Videocassette, Inc. (Worldwide Video Group) (Technicolor Video Services)

Technicolor, Inc. (Worldwide Film Group)

Technicolor, Inc., and all of its subsidiaries

The Beverly Garland Hotels

The Bobby Ball Talent Agency

The Gorfain/Schwartz Agency, Inc.

Theatrical Specialties, Inc.

Tidavater, Inc. dba Le Courier, Inc

Tierra del Sol

Todd-AO Glen Glenn Studios

Todd-AO Studios West

Todd-AO Video Services dba Paskal Video

Tonawanda Pictures

Trailer Park Productions

Triad Music, Inc.

Truman Van Dyke Company

Tylie Jones and Associates, Inc.

United Color Lab, Inc.

Varitel Video, Inc.

VDI, Inc.

Vestron Pictures Incorporated

Victory Carburetor & Fuel Injection

Vision International

Visual Data Media Services Inc.

Warner Hollywood Studios

Warner Hollywood Studios (employees of tenants)

Warner Hollywood Studios
(independent production companies under contractual agreement with the Studio)

WesternWorld Television

Y.B.M. Entertainment Group, LLC

Yummy Cupcakes

Organizations and Unions

Employees, members and/or voting members of these organizations and unions qualify for membership in accordance with their charters and bylaws.

  • Studio City Chamber of Commerce in Studio City, California
  • International Sound Technicians, Cinetechnicians and Television Engineers of the Motion Picture and Television Industries Local 695 in Studio City, California
  • Videotape Facilities Association, Inc., affiliated as the Southern California Chapter of the International Teleproduction Society (ITS/SC) in Hollywood, California
  • Videotape Facilities Association, Inc., California except for those employees who are eligible for primary membership in another federally chartered occupational type of credit union by virtue of their employment
  • Breaking into Hollywood, Hollywood, California
  • International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local Union 40 in North Hollywood, California
  • Board Members of Friends of Lanai Booster Club located in Encino, California
  • Local No. 700, I.A.T.S.E. M.P.E.G., formerly known as Local No. 683, I.A.T.S.E. & M.P.M.O. of the United States and Canada in Burbank, California
  • Local No. 683, I.A.T.S.E. & M.P.M.O. of the United States and Canada who work in Burbank, California

Family Members

Immediate family members can also enjoy the benefits of becoming part of the TFCU credit union community. Here is a list of family members and retirees who qualify.

TFCU defines an "immediate family member" as one of the following: parents, step-parents, children, grandparents, grandchildren, siblings, spouse, domestic partner, fiancé, uncle, aunt, niece or nephew.

Membership eligibility is extended to: spouses of persons who have died within the field of membership of this credit union; employees of this credit union; persons retired as pensioners or annuitants from any of the qualifying companies or organizations.

*Membership is subject to verification and approval. The credit union reserves the right to deny membership for any reason and may require any applicant to provide documents verifying their relationship to any organization or their current proof of employment.

Move your money over to TFCU

If you are tired of banking with banks, you are not alone.

Many of our new members are employees like you. They were fed up with poor service and exorbitantly high fees. If you feel that making that “Switch” is a daunting task, we’ve simplified the process.

See Switch Kit FAQ


There are three simple steps to become a member of the Technicolor community and move forward on the way to financial well-being.


Apply Online

A paper membership application is also available to print.


Visit a Branch

Bring your application and government issued identification to the credit union.


Open an Account

Make an initial savings deposit of $20.00.

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Don’t be shocked. We are happy to listen and start a relationship with you.

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