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Members Only Promotions

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Message from the CEO

Dear Members,


I write a column in each newsletter to tell you about something important in the economy, our credit union and the world at large. In this issue I want to highlight something that means so much to me; it’s our ability to give great loans for even better members.


Every day, we receive a large volume of loan applications from members and their families looking for a better deal on a new or used car, a credit card, a mortgage for a new home (or to refinance an existing one), a personal loan to pay off unexpected bills or to refinance debt for a lower payment.


Our loan department has been instrumental in helping members, regardless of their credit score, get the best possible help and service imaginable. As President and CEO of our Credit Union, nothing makes me happier than helping our members save and prosper.


I want you to take a moment to encourage you to refer a relative, co-worker or friend that can benefit from saving money each month. If they are just getting started in the working world, we can help them build their credit score in a responsible manner. If they have had difficulties in the past, we can give them a second chance. And for everyone in between, we can save them $100s to $1,000s on their loans. Together, we can help them save.


Refer them to membership@technicolorfcu.org or have them visit our website to open an account and apply for a loan online. Thank you all for your continued support, and we look forward to helping them save.


Best regards,


Dan Taay

President & CEO

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65th Annual Meeting Results


We’re all excited to announce that Mike Webb and Jerry Esposito were elected to the board of Directors for the 2017-2020 term. Technicolor FCU thanks all of our members for attending the event. Thanks to our many vendors and partners we gave away tons of great prizes including an Apple Watch! Don't forget to join us next year for the 66th annual meeting.


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New Credit and Debit Cards with EMV Coming Soon!

Shortly you will see our new Credit and Debit cards with the EMV chip arrive in the mail. Our new cards come with the added protection and security of the chip to reduce the likelihood of your card being compromised. However, despite these advancements, we always recommend using your "Credit" card as much as possible, especially at gas stations where EMV chip terminals don't exist. This will help prevent your checking account from falling victim to thieves. If you don't have a credit card, email us at loans@technicolorfcu.org or apply online for one today.


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