Move Your Money (Online Switch Kit)

If you are tired of banking with banks you are not alone. Many of our new members are employees like you who are fed up with poor service and exorbitantly high fees. If you feel that making that “Switch” is a daunting task, we can help simplify the process.



Switch Kit Purpose

  1. Switch Direct Deposits to the Credit Union
  2. Set up Automatic Payments to be Made from your New Credit Union Account
  3. Transfer your Savings to your New Credit Union Account

If you have any questions about switching your accounts from your bank to the credit union, email us to membership@technicolorfcu.org and we’ll help you out in whatever way we can.


Switch Kit Frequently Asked Questions

1. If I already use another bank, how can I utilize the benefits of the credit union?
That’s easy! Most of our members have multiple financial institutions. The best thing to do is to fill out a Direct Deposit Form by clicking here and select to deposit all of your paycheck or a specific dollar amount each pay period (i.e. $500, or $250 or $50, etc …) into your Technicolor Federal Credit Union account. That way if you ever need access to cash you can always have it available at one of our branches or one of over 28,000 surcharge free CO-OP ATMs. Click here to locate one of our branches or a surcharge-free ATM near you.


2. Why is a credit union important for me to use?
A credit union is a valuable resource to help you save money each month on your loans and earn more on your savings. The credit union is a non-profit financial institution that passes savings on to you, the member. There are abundant benefits included in your membership including outstanding service, extremely competitive rates and lower fees, and access to “Members Only Promotions” found by clicking here.


3. How do I open an account?
Simply fill out a membership application by clicking here or in one of our branches. All you have to do is make an initial deposit of $20.00 and pay a $5.00 lifetime membership fee.

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